Frequently asked questions by students

The IBDP is designed for all versatile learners who have a desire to study a variety of interesting subjects and want to develop lifelong learning skills. The IBDP is perfect for you if you want to contribute to your local community and to the global community!

You should check with your teachers as they are IBDP teachers and will be able to advise you on the appropriate level. In addition to the recommendations of the professors, you may already have an idea of ​​the subjects and the levels that are required for the university education that interests you. When there is a significant difference of opinion between your decisions and the teachers’ recommendation, there will be a six-week trial period after which the school will make a decision based on your performance to date.

You should seek advice from different people: the IBDP coordinator, your teachers, the counselor, your parents, and other professionals you know in the field that interests you.

The subject options offered at The Academy are varied enough for you to pursue any university degree. If you really want to study a subject that we do not offer and you are very organized and responsible, then you may be eligible to enroll in online courses.

You can arrange a meeting with the counselor, in which your parents can also be present.

By now you will have an idea of ​​your strengths, as well as the subjects you are best at and enjoy the most. Your selection of subjects should take into account several possible options in a variety of fields. The IBDP is excellent as it is broad enough that you can delay the final decision until the summer between Year 12 and Year 13 courses. Application processes for university admissions start in September.

You have until the October mid-term break to change subjects and until Christmas to change levels. After these dates, the amount of work necessary to complete the agenda that had not been covered would make adequate progress in the study program difficult.