Better Together

Year 1 are working in teams to understand the importance of collaboration and having good listening to each other to share ideas. They have played a variety of games where they have to communicate to reach the end. Ms Hannah is very proud of how great the children worked together.

Good Vibrations

This week in science Year 4 have been exploring sounds and the different materials that vibrate to make sound.    

Welcome to new Academy staff

We have started this term welcoming some new teachers to our team. They have had a lovely week getting to know the students. Ms Maher has joined Ms Wells in Year 4 and Ms Lennon has joined Ms Elisa in Year 2. In Year 1 Ms Bakes is now being supported by Ms Millie, as unfortunately Ms Milne will be 

Our Delicious Christmas Lunch

This year the school chefs once again delighted the students and staff with a most delicious Christmas lunch The roast lunch with special sauce and all the trimmings was a big hit, and the traditional meatball soup is always one of the favourites of all the children.After a strawberry and chocolate dessert and the traditional turrón, the children sang ‘We