Central to our mission is our philosophy to share the joy of learning, inspired by high quality teaching. Our mission is to provide a holistic British education encompassing academic, social and emotional aspects of learning. Our surroundings and diverse student body help promote and strengthen our mission to have maximum respect for people, ideas, and the physical and material environment.


To encourage individuality, critical thinking, an enquiring mind, teamwork and creativity.
To guide the students in the social and emotional aspects of learning, and life, and help them to develop into responsible, mindful, confident, and respectful global citizens.
To ensure that our students receive a balanced education, building and developing upon individual strengths and providing the tools for their learning journey.
To create a stimulating setting in which staff, parents and students work in harmony and complement each other in their efforts to provide an ideal learning environment.
To adopt new technologies and professional development to ensure the up-to-date teaching and learning practices for the teachers and students.


Our admissions visits are booked well in advance and only a certain number of parents can be accommodated on each visit on first come first serve basis. Also it should be noted that the visit does not guarantee that the child will be accepted in the school as this depends on the availability and also the eligibility of the child.

Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing and happiness are of great importance to us, the impact these factors have on the learning experience has been widely investigated. Therefore we focus on being a family school by being close to our community and open in the way we go about education.

We always encourage our students to be open, honest and discuss issues with the rest of the school community. We are a family school that promotes inclusiveness. We believe that every student, whatever their strengths and weaknesses are, must feel valued and supported.