There are two types of uniform which all Early Years (R1 & R2), Primary and Secondary students must have, a formal uniform and a sports uniform. Nursery wear a special sports uniform. All uniform items must be bought from The Academy uniform shop.

In Early Years and Primary the students can wear the sports uniform every day. However, the formal uniform must be worn for special events, such as some excursions, photograph days and other festivities.

Secondary students (Yr 7 – Yr 11) must wear the formal uniform on the days they do not have sports, and the days when they have sports lessons, which are twice a week, they must come to school wearing their sports uniform.

The formal uniform consists of short or long trousers, with the option of a skirt for girls, together with a white short or long-sleeved polo shirt. In winter there is the option of wearing a v-neck jumper or a cardigan with zip.

The sports uniform consists of burgundy track suit bottoms or shorts, a white T-shirt and a burgundy sweatshirt.

We have a burgundy school hoodie to wear either with the formal or sports uniform from Year 7.

School Uniform text

Shoes / Socks:

All students must wear the appropriate shoes and socks for school.

  • Plain black or navy blue shoes (with minimal colour details) with velcro or laces with the smart uniform.
  • Plain white trainers (with minimal colour details) with velcro or white laces with the sports uniform.
  • During the summer students can wear white, black or beige sandals (no flip-flops are allowed)
  • Students should wear burgundy or grey socks with the smart uniform and white socks for sports.
  • Tights should be burgundy or grey.