School Community

The Academy PTA

All parents of pupils at the Academy are automatically members of the PTA (Parents & Teachers Association) and can take as active or inactive role as they wish.

It forms a positive link between the parents and teachers within the school with the common aim of wanting to create the best possible environment for our children.  The PTA has a policy of inclusion, so everyone is welcome.  PTA members are ambassadors of the school, the voice of the parents, fund-raisers and work alongside the teaching staff to enhance and improve, where possible the experiences of our children.

Role of Class Representative

The Class Representative has a practical role to encourage parents within each class to participate in PTA/school social activities and any extra curricular activities, promoting inclusion for all parents as and when the individual parents want.  The Class Representative is the link for all parents to the PTA, is there to welcome new parents, is there to help and support the class teacher to organise any events (when needed and asked) and within the PTA to represent the parents and teacher of that class, to help organise general events of the PTA, to communicate relevant things discussed by the PTA to the teacher and parents of their class.  The Class Representative is not involved in classroom or educational matters, which are the responsibility of the teachers and school.