“Nursery” at The Academy is for the smallest learners of our community, for those who are not quite 3 years old and would like to start with us. From this early age they will come into our world, where english is the main language. During this stage of non compulsory education your children will be introduced into the wonderful world of learning, preparing them for the years to come. This is where the trip to “The Joy of Learning” begins.

Reception 1

R1 is part of EYFS and it offers the younger pupils the start to a more positive formal education. The balance between a structured and stimulated education in a relaxed learning environment, helps to promote a positive atitude towards school life.

Reception 2

At The Academy we know the children are anxious to learn but they also need specific care, consideration and support for their individual needs. All the education in early years is made up of structured games and activities, with very specific objectives, providing challenges and fun both in the class and outside. The children have the opportunity to explore, experiment and interact with the wide variety of resources and practical activities we have.

Day to Day

In EYFS we are commited with the education of your children as if they were our own. We are convinced every child deserves the best for the beginning of their life, and have the best support to achieve their full potential. These experiencies will define what is to come in the future.